How to Pick the Right
Marketing Automation Tool

How to Pick the Right
Marketing Automation Tool

Choosing your marketing automation platform (MAP) is like choosing your partner, or buying your first house – so how do you find the right fit?

Making this decision requires more than just a feature comparison. It’s a major investment that should be approached only after you know exactly what you’re looking for. 

Take this short assessment to figure out which marketing automation tool is right for you! 


Do you need a system that supports content/email personalization, dynamic content delivery, and dynamic offer management?

How fast do you expect to get up and running once you make your decision? Is time-to-value a factor for you?

How big is your company?

How important is ease-of-use to you?

Does your company have an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy that you’d like your marketing automation platform to accommodate?

What’s your budget for marketing automation technology?

Do you need a marketing automation solution that supports your goals across the entire customer lifecycle?

Do you need a MAP platform that can help track and quantify how social media is impacting the overall marketing strategy and empower social advocacy beyond the marketing team?

How big is your marketing team?

What kinds of integrations are important to you when it comes to your marketing automation platform?