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By the Numbers

You've heard a lot about inbound marketing.

You've heard a lot about outbound marketing.

Here at Act-On,we know
that a balanced approach 
is what drives revenue.



By the Numbers

You've heard a lot about inbound marketing.

You've heard a lot about outbound marketing.

Here at Act-On, we know that a balanced approach
is what drives revenue.



How do you win new customers and keep them happy? Use a balanced combination of inbound and outbound tactics across the buyer’s journey. Brand gurus, demand generation experts, and customer marketers alike are using inbound AND outbound tactics to win business and create a winning customer experience. Here’s how to build a twin-engine marketing machine that builds brand, drives demand, and expands customer relationships.

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing tasks and responsibilities can include public, press, analyst, shareholder, and influencer relations; corporate communications; social media; advertising; events and sponsorships; and content marketing.

Demand Generation

Demand tasks and responsibilities can include marketing activities such as lead generation and nurturing, lead scoring, sales alignment, and field marketing.


Customer Marketing

Strategies and tactics at this stage might include customer satisfaction, retention and  loyalty programs, upsell and cross-sell, community-building, and advocacy – all aimed to increase customer lifetime value.

Our 2016 study with Demand Metric Research revealed that


of marketers say it takes
both inbound and outbound
tactics to drive business. 

Inbound Effectiveness Report


You’ll use lots of inbound tools to generate brand awareness and attract new customers to your brilliant brand and your amazing products and services. Use SEO to get found, social to entice and intrigue. Get this party started!

INBOUND Tactics for Building Brand


of B2B researchers use the internet during the B2B research process.


Think with Google


of B2B marketers regularly use LinkedIn to distribute content. It's the most potent lead generator and boasts of a visitor-to-lead ratio that is 3x higher than its competitors.

2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends


of B2B executives get more of their content through social networks or peer connections now than they did a year ago.

DemandGen 2014

3x More

Content marketing generates three times more leads than traditional marketing per dollar spent.


Demand Metric


of B2B marketers say that they use content marketing-defined as"a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience - and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. 

DemandGen 2015


Content marketing is 62% less expensive than traditional marketing.


Demand Metric

OUTBOUND Tactics for Building Brand


Customized landing pages – which send the user directly to the item or offer featured in the email – can increase conversion rates by more than 25%.

McKinsey & Company 2014

Most Effective Tactic

 Marketers consistently ranked email as the single most effective tactic for awareness, acquisition, conversion, and retention.

Gigacom 2014


Now that the right people are in the room, build your relationships lead by lead, account by account. You’ll use mostly outbound tactics to target and personalize communications with them. You can nurture them with content marketing to help them explore answers to their concerns, and you can demonstrate to them how great it would be to work with you. 

INBOUND Tactics for Driving Demand


of B2B researchers start their research with a generic [not branded] search.


Think with Google


 of B2B buyers and researchers are watching videos throughout their path to purchase. That's a 52% jump in only two years. Videos about product features top the list, followed by how-tos and professional reviews.

Think with Google


On average, B2B researchers do 12 searches prior to engaging on a specific brand's site.


Think with Google

OUTBOUND Tactics for Driving Demand


Email is almost 40x better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.


McKinsey & Company 2014

122 & 126

In 2015, the number of business emails sent and received per user per day totals 122 emails per day. This figure continues to show growth and is expected to average 126 messages sent and received per business user by the end of 2019.



72% of consumers say that email is their favored conduit of communication with companies they do business with. 61% say they like to receive promotional emails weekly and 28% want them even more frequently. 

MarketingSherpa 2015


35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds to the prospect first.


Nurtured leads make 47 percent larger purchases than
non-nurtured leads.


The Annuitas Group


of CMOs indicate "higher quality leads" as one of the most compelling reasons for adoption of marketing automation.

Ascend2 2015

67% & 4%

For 67% of companies, growing their email list is considered “very important” to the overall success of their marketing program. Only 4% consider email list growth “not important”.

Ascend2 2015


Email marketing is producing an ROI for 60% of marketers.


MarketingSherpa 2015

10% & 14%

Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14 percent and conversion rates by 10 percent.


Aberdeen Group 2015


Here’s the biggest payoff: You can boost your average customer lifetime value – and cut your cost of customer acquisition correspondingly – by retaining your good customers. Then you can pile on the profit by up-selling them, and get new higher-quality customers through referrals and advocacy.

INBOUND Tactics for Expanding Customer Relationships


When it comes to Customer Lifetime Value, the highest-value customers arrive through organic search (54% higher than average-value customers).

Custora 2013


67% of consumers have used a company's social media site for servicing.


J.D. Power 2013

OUTBOUND Tactics for Expanding Customer Relationships


 of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement.


ieConsultancy 2013

Most Effective

In 2014, email marketing was cited as the most effective digital marketing channel for customer retention in the United States.


eMarketer 2014


Businesses that have implemented marketing automation reduce customer churn by 43% over businesses that do not automate.

Math Marketing

Our 2016 study with Demand Metric Research revealed: 

  • Those marketers who say “Inbound alone
    drives our business” still report 25% of
    revenue from outbound 

  • Those marketers who say “Outbound alone drives our business” still report 36% of revenue from inbound 

  • Budget allocated is tipped a bit toward outbound (48%) over inbound (44%)

  • Revenue attributed to each is nearly equal (43% outbound, 41% inbound)

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