Inbound vs. Outbound Assessment:
How Balanced are Your Efforts?


Inbound vs. Outbound Assessment

Life is full of choices. Coke or Pepsi? Republican or Democrat? Here's another one:
Are you an inbound - or an outbound -marketer?

To understand the differences between the two and how they play out in strategies, tactics, and revenue,  Demand Metric and Act-On Software partnered to field a survey of B2B marketers working at enterprise and small businesses. The report presents our findings, which provide all marketers with a useful set of benchmarks to compare their use of these approaches.


Take our 10 question assessment to find out which way you lean!


Do you consider yourself an inbound or outbound marketer?

Which type of marketing tactics do you think best drives your business?

To which one of these tactics do you attribute greater marketing results?

Which of the following tactics would you say drives more of your business?

Of these tactics, which one will you allocate more resources (time and money) to in the coming year?

Which type of marketing tactic, inbound or outbound, is the following: A sales person monitors targeted keywords on Twitter. They see an interesting question posted. They respond, and include a link to a product video.

Which group of tactics is more in line with how you will allocate resources in the coming year?

Which of these tactics do you think works best for Top of Funnel marketing?

Which of these tactics do you think works best for Middle of Funnel marketing?

What type of marketing tactic is this: A Facebook ad promoting a new eBook?